Saturday, February 6, 2016

Welcome Vanguards

Peninsula Sailing Club has just acquired two new (used) Vanguard 15s from Silverdale Community sailing  program/Central Kitsap HS sailing. I would like give a tremendous thanks to Troy Hunter and Steve Trunkey for making the connection and keeping the gears moving on this club acquisition.

Steve arrived Saturday morning with a trailer full of boats, two of which were about to become part of our fleet. We carefully unloaded and rigged them at the top of the boat ramps.

It was great to have Steve show us all the little rigging tricks that they've engineered over the years while competitively sailing these boats. My first impression is that these boats will be much more efficient to rig and it appears more though has been put into it. I can't wait to try them out... well, I can probably wait a few months for warmer weather, but you get what I mean ;)

Troy set out on the maiden voyage from the ramp to the fuel dock about 300 meters away. I gave him a little shove on the boom to get him off the dock and nearly sent him for a swim. In my defense, I did ask him if he was ready. He made it over to the fuel dock while we got the second boat rigged.

We had to do a little bit of shuffling, but both Vanguards are now at the dock ready to rock and roll. I hope that this will give the club a little shot in the arm excitement it needs to have a really great year in 2016. Keep your eyes on the calendar for upcoming events you might be interested in.

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