Sunday, August 19, 2012

Race Day #9

I was having a hard time predicting what was in store for us today. The weather last week was a regular heat wave, while the day leading up to the race was overcast. Once we were rigged and out on the water, we had some great wind for racing.
With six attending, we had three boats out there, each with a single crew. This is usually my favorite sailing because it is much more social than single handing. The dynamic between the two sailors is key to making your boat go fast, so it keeps things interesting the entire time.
Halfway through the first race the wind appeared to die, then switch 180, then shift another 90 degrees back. Eventually we just couldn't keep track anymore. This is how it was most of the day. At times you could even be flying past another boat only 40 feet away on a totally different tack. Some of the best tactics I found was to be ready for anything, even if it meant drifting for a bit.
Sometime during the second or third race the sun came out, catching a few of us unaware. We'll be a little red tomorrow. I don't think anyone minds though.
Dave "Jibemeister" Miller playing it cool while in the lead
I brought my friend Anna for her first sailing experience. She may be our newest member soon ;)

Troy and Joe

Sandy and Dave
Sandy and Anna show us their "Girl Power" by hauling in two of the club's race marks (FYI they are heavy anchors)

When we run out of flyers on the boatshed, I think that is a good thing!!