Friday, March 13, 2015

El Toro Paddle Boat

I was able to get the El Toro that was donated to us last year in the water today. With the help of my kids, we floated it and rigged it, unfortunately we had some forces of nature working against us.

The fist thing we noticed was a small seeping leak near the centerboard. It had already been repaired previously, but probably just needs to be cleaned an resealed. The second problem was the wind, there was none. The kids were now bored and ready to go home, but I had an idea.

Once I determined the leak was slow, we headed to the boathouse to drop off the sail and mast, then pickup a paddle. Once I put those two in the boat they were content to just paddle around the bay.

Eventually I hopped in, too. Later, Troy got off work and joined us for a bit. It felt great just to be on the water, and now I know what my project will be at next weekend's work party.

Paddling an El Toro is tough work.

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  1. Comments appear to be open to all. Looks like it was a good day! :)