Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wet and Cold. Mostly wet.

When it comes to bad weather, I feel you have two choices. One, you wus out, bag it and hope that the weather stays crappy so you don't regret staying home. Two, you go anyways and for better or worse try to have a nice time. Well, this year it seems that betting on the weather getting nicer has been the safer bet, so I often choose option two. Today we did not fair as well as I had hoped. No sun breaks, the rain did not lighten much and the wind remained cold. Luckily we had Andrzej's American 27 as backup. I happened to be taking a friend out for a first time sailing experience, so it is nice to tie up our dinghy to the big boat and still have a sailing experience. Andrzej, Troy, Ethan and I didn't like the rain much, but at least we could enjoy the company.

After working our way north for a bit, we came up with the great idea to motor sail under the Agate's pass bridge and see what is on the other side. Having never really left the sight of Brownsville under sail, I thought this would be a novel voyage. If anything, I could at least check it off my bucket list.

Much to everyone's relief, the mast cleared the bridge.

If we had checked the tide charts, we might have had second thoughts about going through Agate's Pass that day. Our impeccable timing had us fighting the tide in both directions. Luckily we weren't in much of a hurry and there were some good stories to be told and dreams of sailing in Hawaii to be dreamt.