Friday, July 10, 2015

Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails Festival

The Port of Brownsville broke some BAD news to us earlier this year and said there would be no Brownsville Appreciation Days (BAD) which has been a tradition for many years. It was a time when the Port gave something back to the community and our club supported the port by giving free sailboat rides to anyone willing to trust us.
Without BAD happening there was obviously a void to be filled and Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails Festival is a great start. You can learn more about Water Trails and how the Port of Brownsville is taking part by following the link.
Washington Water Trails Association (Brownsville)
Again our club supported the Port by offering free sailboat rides and it was a fun time. The timing of this festival is a nice way to kick off our boating season early on and remind people about our awesome affordable little club.

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